From Sounds to Spelling:

A Phonics Program

K-2 students need engaging, systematic phonics lessons.

This program empowers teachers to deliver and differentiate outstanding phonics instruction.


Why "From Sounds to Spelling"?

Follow a systematic scope and sequence - with a screener to help you place students in exactly the right spot

Easily adapt the pacing and materials to meet your students' specific needs while saving time with low-prep materials

Bring research-based phonics instruction to life for your Kindergarten, 1st grade, or 2nd grade students!

About the Program Creator

Alison Ryan has been working in schools since 2005 as a classroom teacher, reading interventionist, and reading specialist. She is trained in the Orton-Gillingham method, has extensive experience working with struggling readers, and has a master’s degree in literacy leadership. Most recently, she has assisted with opening a new school in her community, where she serves as the elementary Director of Curriculum & Instruction.

In 2012, Alison created the Learning At The Primary Pond brand to provide professional development and curriculum resources to teachers across the globe. Through her own work with children as well as conversations with hundreds of teachers, she saw the urgent need for an effective, practical phonics program.

“From Sounds to Spelling” is the result: it combines research and science-based instruction with the features teachers need and want in a phonics, phonological awareness, and spelling program.

What's Included?


✔️ Flexible, editable lesson plans

✔️ Engaging, research-based lessons that can be taught whole group and/or small group

✔️ Materials for teaching phonics, phonological awareness, and high frequency words (high frequency word activities can be customized to a list of your choice, if necessary)

✔️ Completely customizable pacing and leveled materials for differentiation

✔️  Simple, fun independent activities with minimal-prep options

✔️ Printable posters and visual aids

✔️ Assessments, including an initial placement test

✔️ Professional development videos to help you understand how the program progresses, how to implement the lessons, how to schedule your time, etc.

✔️ Program explanation guide for families, plus optional weekly and unit family letters

Research-Based Program

A research-based program incorporates instructional practices that have been shown to be effective through educational research. From Sounds to Spelling incorporates all of the following research-based best practices:

☑️ Phonics instruction should be systematic and explicit.

☑️ Phonics knowledge is developmental. Students may develop at different rates, but they generally follow the same trajectory or sequence of learning.

☑️  Learners should have many opportunities to apply their phonics learning to real reading and writing tasks.

☑️  Phonics instruction should be differentiated in order to increase its effectiveness.

☑️  Review of skills should be intentionally built into instruction.

☑️  Multi-sensory instruction is highly effective for students with learning differences or special needs, as well as for ALL students.




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