Sample email for your admin / principal:

Hi! I found a K-2 phonics program called From Sounds to Spelling, and I'm hoping we can look at purchasing it. This program includes 35 weeks' worth of instruction (for each grade level, K, 1st, and 2nd) and covers phonics and phonological awareness. From Sounds to Spelling supports students with decoding, spelling, and high frequency words. Complete lesson plans, printable posters, decodable texts, and games for the kids are all included.


All of the materials are accessed digitally, and that includes professional development videos. Each unit has a video to watch before you teach it, so the concepts and instructional methods in the lesson plans are clear.


We would purchase one license for each teacher who would use the program. Each license includes access to the login portal for one calendar year, counting from the date of purchase.


Here's an informational packet if you'd like to read more about the program. Thanks so much for considering it!